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Sending items we don't cover

There are some items that can’t be covered. We can still deliver them for you, but you send them at your own risk. So, if they’re lost, arrive damaged, or late we won’t be able to compensate you.

Some of the most common non-compensation items

Illustration of an item of bone China

Illustration of a mirror
Glass items

Illustration of a Television
TVs and monitors

Illustration of a laptop computer

Illustration of a chair

Illustration of a poorly packaged item
Badly packed items

Illustration of a strapped parcel
Strapped items

Two or more boxes strapped together

Illustration of a driving licence
Important documents

Including passports and driver’s licences

Illustration of an airline ticket

Travel and events

Illustration of a bag with perishable food items in it
Perishable goods

Illustration of a necklace

Including watches and antiques valued over £250

Illustration of some coins

Cash, credit or debit cards and cheques

Illustration of a vinyl record

Photographs, signed books, posters and vinyl records

Illustration of a camera on a tripod
Photographic equipment

Illustration of a drum kit
Musical instruments

Check before you send

Download and check the full list of non-compensation items before you send your parcel. If there's something you're not sure about sending our team can help answer your questions. We'll try our best - as always - to make sure anything you do send has a safe journey.

Don't forget to check the weight of your parcel as well. Items weighed incorrectly or over 15kg can incur a penalty. Discover how to weigh your items correctly with our handy guide.

Illustration of some tins of paint

Prohibited items

Make sure you can send your items with us

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A full list of what you can and can't send