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At Hermes we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you to manage your parcels, which is why we’ve created the Hermes action for your Google Assisted devices.  It’s really easy to set up and use – and it understands thousands of phrases, so start asking!

It’s easy to set up

Just say “OK, Google, talk to Hermes” and you’re good to go. Google will use the same email address you’ve used with your device to find details about your parcels.

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Parcel tracking is easy. Not going to be in? Tell Google

  • 'Hey Google, ask Hermes where my parcel is'
  • 'Ok, Google, ask Hermes when my parcel will arrive'
  • 'Hey Google, tell Hermes to divert my parcel'
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Want to send it back? Tell Google to return your parcel

  • 'Hey Google, tell Hermes to create a returns label'
  • 'Ok, Google, tell Hermes I want to return my parcel'
  • 'Hey Google, ask Hermes to return my ASOS order'

Want to know where your nearest ParcelShop is? Ask Google

  • 'OK Google, ask Hermes where I can send a parcel'
  • 'Ok, Google, ask Hermes how far my nearest parcel shop is'
  • 'Hey Google, ask Hermes how I can send a parcel'
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